Jody pushes you to realize your potential with a wealth of experience, insights and ever-expanding sales resources. She’s offered me new approaches to define who we are as an agency and attract our ideal prospects. She’ll put you on top of your game.
— David Langton, President Langton Creative Group, Ltd.

Individualized coaching is a great option for agency leaders looking for one-on-one expert guidance tailored to their needs.

Each coaching experience is customized to a person’s goals and working style. Sessions are structured to get you results fast—you articulate your challenge, I present some options to address it, and we conclude by deciding on the best first steps so you can conquer it.

Coaching takes place in weekly one-hour sessions by phone, Skype or a conferencing service of your choice.

What you can expect:

  • Positive momentum towards meeting important goals

  • Time and space to solve lingering issues that have been holding you back for too long

  • Objective problem-solving and accountability to keep you progressing

  • Mastery over new business skills


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