Interested in having me speak at your next event?

When I prepare for a speaking or training event, I ask myself, “what would  I want to learn?”

My aim is always to give the audience tangible advice they can put to immediate use in their work lives. Usually, I focus on:

  • How to communicate persuasively to win more business
  • The systems and tools that you need in place to run a well-oiled new business practice
  • Bringing out the best in your team so that everyone is invested and excited about growing the business

“We were ecstatic to have Jody on the Agency Track at INBOUND16. She was everything we look for in a speaker. Jody was a pleasure to work with leading up to the event, and she delivered an engaging and educational presentation to an audience of 300 captivated attendees. She has a lively presentation style, and quickly hooked the audience. More importantly, her presentation had valuable insights and tips that attendees could start implementing straight away. We look forward to welcoming her back in the future!"

- Angie O’Dowd, Senior Marketing Team Manager,  Agency Partner Program, HubSpot


Here are some talks I’ve given before. They were designed for the types of clients I tend to serve the most, CEOs of small ad agencies, but they’re right for almost any kind of creative professional who also shoulders the responsibility of attracting new clients to his or her firm. 

Make Your Prospects Crave What You’re Selling through Storytelling 

Telling a prospect you’re “a full-service integrated agency” is doing nothing to help you convert them to a client. Discover how simple storytelling techniques can transform your pitch and leave your prospects asking for more.

8 Essential Elements of an Ad Agency New Business Plan

Creating an annual plan for new business is one of the most important things you can do to keep your agency on track for growth. In this session, I’ll help you get the ball rolling with a basic structure that any advertising agency can use. Plus, I’ll cover why an annual plan is so important and how to tailor the plan to match the unique character of your agency.

Hunting or Farming – Which Does Your Ad Agency Need More? 

Why is it so hard to find and retain great new business people? Most ad agencies expect their business development leaders to excel at sales (hunting) as well as relationship and pitch management (farming). These jobs both lead to revenue but require paradoxically different skills. Discover which type of new business professional you need and how to manage them to get great results.

No more jargon! How bad writing hurts good agencies–and how to fix it

Too often ad agencies sabotage their sales and marketing efforts with bad writing. In this session, I’ll identify five of the biggest mistakes agencies make, why they make them and how to fix them right away with tangible tips and techniques that don’t require any special expertise or training.