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Jody offered our audience of senior agency executives a fresh perspective on a perennially challenging subject: winning new business. She didn’t shy away from speaking some hard truths, yet she also offered concrete solutions with warmth and humor.
— Leah Power, Executive Vice President, The Institute of Communications Agencies


When I prepare for a speaking or training event, I ask myself, “what would I want to learn?”

The themes I focus on include:

  • How to communicate persuasively to win more business

  • The systems and tools that you need in place to run a well-oiled new business practice

  • Bringing out the best in your team so that everyone is invested in growing the business

Here are some talks I’ve given before. They were designed for the types of clients I work with the most, CEOs of small ad agencies, but they’re right for any kind of creative professional who also shoulders the responsibility of attracting new clients to his or her firm.

The Small Agency CEO’s Guide to Winning New Business:
5 Steps to Winning More of the Right Kinds of Clients

In my years of working with agencies large and small, I’ve noticed those that are most successful share some common characteristics.

Despite what you might expect, they don’t involve hard-core sales tactics or esoteric techniques. In fact, these seven steps are based on straightforward practices that any agency can master. In this talk, I’ll reveal what those common characteristics are, why they lead to winning high-quality business, and how you can cultivate those qualities within your own agency.

Selling through Storytelling:
A Human-centric Approach to Communicating Value

Agencies have two huge disadvantages when it comes to winning new business. First, they lack a sales culture, leaving the poor soul in charge of business development with little training or support. Second, agencies deal in the abstract—and abstract things are hard to sell. Luckily, there’s a way out of this dilemma and it stems from an innate ability we were all born with: the power to tell a good story. No special sales skills needed. In this talk, you’ll discover:

  • Three ways stories give you an immediate edge over your competition

  • How to transform your agency new business boilerplate into compelling narrative

  • Scientific proof that will change the way you pitch forever


We were ecstatic to have Jody on the Agency Track at INBOUND. Her lively presentation style hooked the audience of 300 captivated attendees. More importantly, her presentation had valuable insights and tips that attendees could start implementing straight away.
— Angie O’Dowd, Agency Partner Program, HubSpot


How to Create a Strategic New Business Plan for Your Agency

Creating an annual plan for new business is one of the most important things you can do to keep your agency on track for growth. In this session, I’ll give you a basic structure that any ad agency can use. Plus, you’ll discover:

  • Who needs to be involved and why

  • How to accurately project the amount you’ll need to pitch next year

  • How to get it all done when time and resources are in short supply

The 4 New Business Personality Types and How to Manage Them

Hunter. Promoter. Communicator. Thinker. Which of these new business personality types describe you and your team? The answer is important because it determines how (or even if) you can control your agency’s new business destiny.

You’ll discover a simple test to determine your agency’s new business personality and why business development efforts fail when you don’t align the right tactics with the right types.


Pitch Perfect is our annual new business conference in London and, as anyone who’s ever organized an event like this knows, there’s enormous pressure to deliver great content. Jody didn’t disappoint. So many of our attendees, mostly small to mid-sized agencies, came up to me afterwards to tell me what an impact her presentation made on them. She was engaging, original and generous with her insights. We hope she comes back next year!
— Melanie Shah, Head of Live Events, The Drum


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