What’s your most pressing new business challenge?


We sound like everyone else. How can we communicate our value clearly and to the right clients?


We want control over the process. We don’t want it to control us. How do we turn chaos into a well-oiled machine?

We have a chance to pitch our dream client. How do we get our team primed and ready in time?


We’re endlessly thinking about new business, but we never do anything about it. How do we break this unproductive cycle?

We’ve kept a low profile for too long. How do we find the clients that want to work with our agency?


We put our hearts into new business but fall short of sealing the deals. How do we win more consistently?

We’re overwhelmed by what we should be doing. How can we land on a strategy that we can sustain?


Take control of your new business destiny.


All my programs are designed to help agency leaders control their new business destiny by tapping into their personal strengths, the strengths of the team that supports them, and the resources readily available.  

Choose a program that’s right for you in the format that suits you best.


12-week Action Intensives

Too much planning and not enough doing? Take action in a goal-oriented working sprint that gets results.


Pitch optimization

Preparing for a game-changing pitch? Or need to tune-up your pitch to maintain peak performance? Get objective, expert guidance, including just-in-time support.


Team workshops

Your agency is only as strong as the team that supports you. Support them with new business training and workshops that build confidence and get people excited about winning new business.


One-on-one new business mentorship

for agency leaders. Perfect for agency CEOs that are looking for intensive problem-solving from a peer whose experience complements their own.


Not sure which option is right for you?

Let’s discuss a custom assignment with strategies, goals and benchmarks designed just for your agency.