New Business Masters

New Business Masters is a one year program for agencies ready to make long-term, long-lasting improvements in the way they do business development.

Each quarter, you’ll focus on a different discipline, building your team’s skills and level of confidence.

  • Quarter 1: Agency positioning and marketing toolset
  • Quarter 2: Outbound prospecting strategies and basic sales skills
  • Quarter 3: New business operations and systems for repeatable, predictable success
  • Quarter 4: Perfecting presenting and writing skills

We’ll start by defining the outcomes that will translate to financial, cultural, operational success for your agency. These will be summarized in an Accountability Checklist that will keep you and your team on track throughout the year.

By the end of the program, you’ll have mastered the skills you need to sustain a successful business development practice. You’ll win more business from the right clients and without the chaos that leads to team burn-out.

What you’ll get:

  • Each program starts with a one-day Fast-Track Audit
  • Quarterly Master Classes onsite at your agency with your team
  • Biweekly learning and accountability calls
  • Weekly review of your team’s progress

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