If I ran the new business team at Carat, I know what I’d be doing today.

Last night, Adweek ran a great piece on questionable web traffic and it featured an anecdote about an analytics manager at Carat, Lindsay Buescher, who proactively went on a crusade on behalf of her client, Red Bull. She and her team spent three weeks digging up fraudulent sites and ended up blacklisting 77 of them.

This is a great example of client stewardship, something marketers routinely cite as the reason for putting their advertising accounts in review. If I were at Carat, I’d be thinking not only about how to include this very positive story in my credentials boilerplate, but which prospects would be most piqued by seeing this.

Assuming the team at Carat is following some basic prospecting best practices, like maintaining a contact management database and focusing only on a targeted, qualified set of leads, it should be quick and easy to send out an email to important prospects in a day.

One of the hardest things about outbound prospecting is finding the relevant, interesting stories that differentiate you. Articles like this are a gift – don’t pass them up. But how many other everyday heroes are you overlooking in your agency? Maybe today’s a good day to take the analytics team to lunch.