Photo: Brent Moore

If you're running business development at a small to mid-sized advertising agency, your job can be tough. Why? Because you're probably also the agency's PR contact, social media expert, and even managing an account or two. Heck, you're probably running the place. 

Good news - your life just got easier.

Click here now to register for the Fuel Lines New Business Conference (and, you'll save some money if you do it before September 1).

Here's what it's going to be great:

  • It's going to be a personal experience. Because the event is limited to 200 attendees, you'll actually get to talk to the people you want to
    talk to.
  • It'll be filled with information and advice that you can use right away to make a real difference in how you pursue and convert prospects.
  • It's in Nashville! Conde Nast Traveler called it a Top 5 US city to visit and recently gave the low-down on its coolest neighborhood, which just happens to be a short walk from the event.

Oh, and I'll be there too, waxing eloquent on how to persuasive communications have a direct result on new business and revenue.